Remembering happier times..


Today should’ve been Hattie & Mike’s wedding day.

I thought now would be the perfect time to share some photos from their engagement shoot last summer. And to look back at happier times 🙂

For such a long time, I’ve wanted to do a photoshoot on the boats at Knaresborough. Hattie & I were chatting about where to do their engagement shoot about this time last year. We initially discussed doing it in London where these guys live. But when Hattie said that they were coming back to Yorkshire for a family party, it was the perfect opportunity to go on the boats!

Knaresborough is just a short drive away from where Hattie & I went to school in Harrogate. This was always going to be such a personal wedding for me as I’ve known Hattie for probably 12 years?! It’s been so lovely to get back in touch since we left school. And it’s been so nice getting to know Mike as well!

I met these guys at one of my favourite cafes along the river in Knaresborough. We had a really good catch up (and some biscuits of course). When I finally remembered that I was meant to be working and not just catching up with an old friend, we had a little wander around the tiny streets. Knaresborough is full of so many little nooks and crannies. It really is one of my favourite places in Yorkshire for engagement shoots.

We then hired out one of the rowing boats and hopped in (camera equipment and all!). Hattie & Mike were in charge of rowing, and despite ending up in a few tree branches, overall they did a pretty decent job!

We went up and down the river a little, then I hopped out and got some shots of the two of them with that stunning view of the Knaresborough viaduct in the background.

I absolutely loved this shoot, and it was so nice hanging out with these guys for a couple of hours.

Today should’ve been their wedding day at Wharfedale Grange near Harrogate. I feel so sad that they haven’t been able to celebrate with all their friends and family today, but let’s not dwell on the bad stuff. Hattie & Mike will be tying the knot in September instead, and I for one can’t wait 🙂