In honour of Valentines Day

In honour of Valentines Day…


It’s felt like such a long time since I’ve done a shoot just for fun. My job as a wedding photographer is such a creative one anyway, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go the extra mile every now and again!


Those of you who’ve followed my work for a while will know I absolutely love colour. It’s always been such a huge part of my photographic style, so I’ll take any excuse to include a bit more of a pop in my photos! Valentine’s Day felt like the perfect opportunity to do so. The reds and the pinks were calling my name, so before wedding season properly kicked off for 2024, I got cracking with some plans.


My main goal for this shoot was for it to be FUN. I therefore needed a couple who were fun, smiley, and not afraid to throw popcorn over each other. I could think of no one more suitable than Lydia and Joe!

You may remember I did a shoot with Lydia & Joe over in the Lake District back in 2021. When I convinced them to jump in a lake in early October, I knew they were exactly the people I needed!


Lydia and Joe and honestly the most smiley people you could ever meet. We always have the most fun when we’re together and their infectious happiness always shines through. So one rainy January day we all met at The Studio Ilkley for an epic day of photos!


We had the couple, we had the venue, now we just needed a pop of colour. And I couldn’t think of anyone better than the amazing Kirsty from River and Rose. I photographed Kirsty’s wedding two years ago and she even did her own flowers on her wedding day! She really is such an amazing florist, and when she agreed to do the flowers for our Valentines shoot, I was over the moon! Kirsty created the most beautiful bouquet, and I genuinely felt like a bride on her wedding morning when Kirsty pulled up with the flowers!


There was just one more person I wanted on board for this shoot, and that was the ridiculously talented Lottie Haigh. I have worked with Lottie at many weddings over the years, and I know for a fact she is a wizard when it comes to hair. With her being local to Ilkley as well it was absolutely perfect! We threw some ideas around before the shoot with the kind of look we wanted to create, and in the end Lottie created a stunning half up-do for Lydia. Lottie even worked her magic on Joe’s hair and gave us all hair tips throughout the afternoon!

There were so many ideas I wanted to do for this Valentines shoot and quite simply there were not enough hours in the day! It was so fun to create multiple different looks, including different dresses, shoes, jackets, and accessories.


With colour being the overriding theme, we had of course our beautiful bouquet, as well as red and pink balloons, donuts, and popcorn. We also had some extra flower heads to create one of my favourite photos from the shoot, with Lydia and Joe lying down surrounded by roses!


I honestly loved every single minute of this shoot. I’m so proud of the final images but also the fun we all had on the day made it so much more magical. I am SO grateful to Lydia, Joe, Kirsty and Lottie for not only being so talented at what they do but for giving up their time and making the whole day so enjoyable. This certainly won’t be the last you see from this team!!

A trip across the Atlantic for a wedding at Swinton Park!

A trip across the Atlantic for a wedding at Swinton Park..


I think we all probably have that ‘dream wedding’ in our mind’s eye. But it isn’t often that that dream takes you thousands of miles across the Atlantic ocean! So it was my absolute pleasure to be part of Nicole and Mark’s wedding day, as they travelled all the way over from America to realise their dream of getting married in an English castle. With just a few family members and friends to celebrate with, it proved to be a very relaxed, intimate day.

Of course, it doesn’t get much more castle-y than Swinton Park in Yorkshire! For the prep stage, both bride and groom were staying in the aptly-named Turret Suite. Handy for me; I could just nip between rooms and photograph both of them! Even though things ran a little behind, the vibe was still super relaxed.

The couple’s celebrant Rachael did a great job of making the ceremony really personal. She told their love story beautifully. The ceremony itself was concluded with Nicole and Mark’s closest families tying ribbons around their hands. This allowed everyone to share their well wishes with the newlyweds, before they eventually ‘tied the knot’! The ceremony was so personal and wasn’t confided to the legal traditions that we so often see at weddings. Choosing a celebrants can often allow couples to sidestep the kind of wedding that might feel a tad more procedure centred.

And if you want to take personal to niche in one fell swoop (literally), then do as Nicole and Mark did and opt for a falconry display! It was great fun taking photographs of the couple with owls gliding here and there. Definitely not an opportunity that a wedding photographer gets very often!

Thankfully the British weather was kind to us, and everyone enjoyed a few hours in the glorious sunshine looking across the Swinton Estate. And what could be a more beautiful backdrop than your quintessential Yorkshire castle!

Bringing the Hollywood glamour to a Yorkshire wedding

Bringing the Hollywood glamour to a Yorkshire wedding


Back in summer 2022 I photographed Meg & Max’s engagement shoot, and every part of my photography soul has been tingling with excitement ever since.

In all honesty, this wedding was complete heaven for me. The stars seemed to align on the wedding day, from the glorious sunshine, the vibrant bridal party, the Hollywood dress code, the atmosphere, the incredible list of suppliers, THAT dress, and the most delightful couple in every possible way.

Meg and Max celebrated their legal ceremony with their closest family and friends the day before the big event. This was a small affair with just a handful of people at their local church near Ilkley. It was such a quiet, lovely, intimate ceremony full of love. Meg wore a stunning fitted white suit, channelling her inner Sarah Jessica Parker. And let me say, she looked every bit like a Hollywood movie star.

After a beautifully intimate wedding ceremony on the Friday, before we knew it, it was finally the day of the big party. Back in 2019 I photographed Meg’s brother Ollie tie the knot with his beautiful bride Amy at their family home near Ilkley. Following in their footsteps, Meg also wanted to get married at her parents’ house. With the most incredible backdrop looking up onto Ilkley Moor, it was the perfect setting for a Yorkshire wedding.

When I arrived on the morning of the wedding, everyone was busy prepping for the day ahead. I popped upstairs to see the bridesmaids who were happily keeping an eye on proceedings from above. We watched the morning unfold as the guests began to arrive in their Hollywood attire. Black tie was the dress code for the day, and everyone looked the part.

Once Meg and her bridesmaids were ready, we all headed out into the glorious sunshine. All the guests were eagerly waiting, but none more so than Max. Helen conducted a beautiful, personal ceremony, tailored perfectly to the happy couple. She told their love story, and so many of their closest friends had roles to play in the ceremony too.

Once they had tied the knot (literally!), they headed back down the aisle as husband and wife (for the second time that weekend!). Everyone enjoyed plenty of drinks and canapés in the sunshine overlooking Ilkley Moor, before sitting down to the speeches and some delicious grub.

The day so far had been an absolute delight, but the evening was where everything came alive. There was a champagne tower, the espresso martinis were flowing, a stunning golden hour, followed by the most epic dancefloor of the 2023 wedding season!

It was utterly wild, and I LOVED every second. It was absolutely hilarious to capture, and even when editing the photos, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at some of the moments!

This wedding really was a dream come true. Thank you to Meg and Max for trusting me to capture your celebration, as well as to the amazing list of suppliers who I cannot recommend highly enough. Make sure to check them out below. It’s just a shame that Meg’s parents’ house isn’t yet a wedding venue!

Check out Meg & Max’s incredible team of suppliers below!

Videography – Films by Charli

Florist/ stylist – Yorkshire Events Stylists

Hair – LS29

Make up – Bulmer Beauty

Dress – Suzanne Neville from The Harrogate Wedding Lounge

Bridesmaids’ dresses – Dessy Group/ Always the Bridesmaids

Stationery – SC Design Studio

Catering – Foray Catering

DJ – Six15 Events

Marquee – James Dabbs Marquees

10 tips for a blip-free wedding morning

10 Tips for a Blip-Free Wedding Morning

It’s your big day and you’ve planned everything to a T. But these hacks will help you fine tune the early hours, too.

I’ll level with you, as a wedding photographer with nearly eight years under her belt, it’s pretty, pretty rare that you ever see things stray too far from the plan. Honestly, if we could plan each day of our lives as meticulously as we organise our wedding days, we’d have probably evolved into a super-species by now, capable of intergalactic domination, never mind the mere task of marrying each other.

That’s what makes wedding days so special, though, of course. They’re meant to outplay real life.. in fact, they’re real life on steroids. They bring out the best in us, and for this reason alone, I couldn’t think of a more gratifying job than being a wedding photographer.

I have nothing but praise for each and every couple I’ve ever worked with for the amazing feats of organisation they manage to pull off (if I had a top hat then I would doff it to you, but I am still waiting for a kind and slightly drunk groomsman to donate one to me).

That said, experience has taught me that if there’s anywhere a couple might come a little unstuck, it’s on the wedding morning. Before becoming a wedding photographer, I had it in my mind’s eye that bride and groom prep was a sort of prosecco-fuelled free-for-all, where you languished about in a white robe while someone did your hair and your driver pipped you from outside when it was time to leave.

Not so. Well, I mean, there is usually prosecco, and I have seen white robes aplenty, but slight incremental delays throughout the day can almost always be traced back to the morning, so a little extra attention to detail can be worth its weight in gold. I’ve based the following tips on what I’ve observed over the years, and I hope they help your day run even more smoothly..

1. Leave your phone with your most trusted bridesmaid

You will probably be inundated with messages of congratulations and well-wishing, and some brides-to-be have found that important supplier calls can get lost in the traffic. Best leave it to someone to be in charge of, and tell them what to look out for. This frees you up to get ready, be across other things, and not get distracted by the possibly mammoth task of replying to everyone.

2. Create a playlist

Whether it’s upbeat or chilled, a playlist can set the tone for the rest of your wedding day. Have it play from a speaker or straight from your phone rather than the TV, as this can get be distracting in the background of photos. Music is a great way to help keep those pre-wedding nerves at bay.

3. Lay out any accessories that you’d like pictures of

Think jewellery, shoes, perfume.. it saves scrabbling round for them last minute when time might be of the essence.

4. Aim to be ready an hour before you are due to leave

This might sound extreme, but time really can run away with you, so leave plenty for time for drinks and photos.

5. Try to have hair and make-up in the same room

When people are spread out, it cuts the atmosphere in half; much more fun to keep everyone together, as it builds excitement.

6. Consider a second photographer

While I’d love the potential to be in two places at once, sadly it’s a skill I’m still working on! A second photographer on your wedding day means photos of you both getting ready on the morning. If you’re getting ready at the same venue I’ll happily hop between you both on the wedding morning, but a second photographer is certainly worth considering so key moments aren’t missed.

7. Take your flowers out of water in plenty of time

It’s not such a good look having a damp patch on your dress from a bouquet that’s still wet! In fact, I’d even go as far to say it’s a very bad look. Nominate someone to take the flowers out of water an hour before you need to leave, and gently pat them dry with a towel.

8. Plan what to wear

Ok, so you’ve hung out what you’re going to wear to get married in, but have you thought how you want to be photographed as you get ready in the morning? You don’t have to go as far as robes with individual names on, but these pictures will make up the start of your wedding album, so it’s definitely worth considering the PJs/lounge wear/casual wear you want to be papped in.

9. Get ready somewhere light and bright

Your make-up artist, if you have one, will almost certainly sit you near a big window, but a nice airy room is best.

10. Keep things tidy
Nothing worse than a bag for life full to the brim in the background of pictures!


Do you have any other tips for a blip-free wedding morning? Please share them in the comments section below!

A Yorkshire wedding not tied to tradition

A Yorkshire wedding not tied to tradition..


Any Brit worth their salt knows that March is always hit and miss when it comes to the weather. Not quite winter, not yet spring. You never know if the snow that falls mid-week is likely to linger and spoil your weekend plans, or be kind, and permit you to go ahead.

Well imagine if your weekend plans are your actual wedding! For Matt, Lucy and their guests, it was touch and go as to whether the recent snowfall would put paid to travel plans. Fortunately, the snow melted (save for a lovely white topping on the Yorkshire hills beyond) and the weather was kind. Everyone arrived in Thirsk safely, where Jen and her team at Lodge Farm Weddings were ready to host what would be an epic wedding day!

By mid-morning, bride and groom prep was in full swing. Matt and Lucy had chosen to get ready on separate floors at the venue. This was great news for any wedding photographer as it meant I could float between them throughout the wedding morning. Protocol was almost breached when the boys nearly spotted the bride from above when we sneaked outside to take photos! A quick shuffle back inside and the potential crisis was avoided!

Again, the fates were kind, and the first time Matt saw his soon-to-be wife was in the beautiful barn where the wedding ceremony took place. It was a heart-warming moment, and both parties looked incredible.

After a lovely ceremony, cakes were the order of the day as everyone tucked into the treats on offer. Matt’s dad – a vicar – gave the couple a blessing shortly after the legal ceremony. This was something that they had really wanted to include as a nod to his faith, though they hadn’t wanted religion to inform the ceremony itself.

One thing I especially love about these guys is that they did their wedding their own way and didn’t follow tradition for tradition’s sake. That became especially apparent when Matt and Lucy were telling me about their engagement. Instead of the usual ‘man gets down on one knee’, whilst holidaying near Lake Bled in Slovenia, they decided as a pair that they wanted to get married. With scenery that took their breath away, featuring a double rainbow over the lake, it really was a picture-perfect moment that dictated how they would go on to plan the rest of their wedding.

Back to the wedding day itself, and as late afternoon became evening, delicious grub and blinding speeches gave way to dancing. In a move that got all the guests going, Matt and Lucy deciding to break with tradition again and plump for a ceilidh in lieu of a first dance. I bowed out as the foot stomping and hollering was still mid-rip roar; not the first wedding ceilidh I’ve photographed, but certainly one of the most enthusiastic!

The French fairytale for Phoebe and Callum

The french fairytale for Phoebe and Callum…


Back in September, I was lucky enough to travel to France to photograph not one, but two gorgeous weddings. The second of which was for the utterly delightful Phoebe and Callum.

I first met these two back at the end of 2020. I headed down to Sherwood Forest in Nottingham, whilst they made the trip all the way up from Oxford. Despite a one year delay to the original plans, it was FINALLY time to celebrate!

I arrived at Le Moulin on the morning of the wedding where Phoebe was getting ready with her bridesmaids. I loved capturing the girls spying out of the window on all the guests arriving!

Before we knew it, Callum was swaggering down the lane with his groomsmen by his side. This could only mean it was finally time to get hitched!

The lovely Rowan conducted the ceremony by the river, where we all watched as the beautiful Phoebe walked down the aisle. Callum was certainly one very happy groom! Once the vows were said and some confetti was thrown, all the guests tucked into some delicious French delicacies.

After some epic group photos on Hector the tractor (what a legend), everyone headed into the barn for the speeches. Callum’s mum had made every single guest their own personalised cross stitch hoop. They were probably the most amazing wedding favours I have seen. SO much time and thought had gone into them. I even had a ‘Lily’ one with a camera on it! Just amazing.

After the meal, Phoebe and Callum walked round all the tables and poured shots of Cognac for everybody! This definitely got everyone in the party mood, and the dancefloor was absolutely incredible!

This was SUCH a fun wedding, and I’m still overwhelmed that I was able to be part of such an amazing day.

Saltmarshe Hall wedding photographer

Saltmarshe Hall wedding published in Living North magazine!

Saltmarshe Hall wedding published in Living North magazine!


I received some wonderful news this week that Sam and Chesca’s wedding had been published in Living North magazine!

This was such an amazing wedding and I’m SO thrilled it’s been featured! It was such an honour not only to be part of this day with Sam and Chesca, but also to work with such an amazing team of talented suppliers. Make sure to check out the credits below for these awesome people! A special shoutout too to Saltmarshe Hall. This was my first time visiting the venue and I certainly hope it won’t be my last!

I often meet my couples for the first time at their engagement shoot, if they come for a coffee at The Studio or over Zoom. But I’ve actually know Sam for many years as we grew up in the same village! Sam was a groomsman for another of my weddings back in 2019 and that was when I first met Chesca. Since then I have absolutely loved getting to know them both. They have made me feel like such a valuable part of their wedding, not just a supplier.

We did their engagement shoot early last year near their home in Selby. I was even invited to stay for homemade pizzas afterwards which was just a dream! I knew when the wedding day finally arrived that it was always going to be special.

Arriving at Saltmarshe Hall for the first time was amazing. The venue itself was just beautiful. The grounds were filled with autumn colours which just made me even more excited for the photo opportunities!

Sam and Chesca were both getting ready at the venue. Chesca with her bridesmaids and Sam with his groomsmen. It was such a fun morning. We had singing, dancing, Charlie’s Angel poses, tears of joy and photos in the bath!

Once everyone was ready, the bridesmaids walked down the famous Saltmarshe staircase to greet Sam. This was followed by Chesca who was greeted by the groomsmen. I hadn’t seen this done at a wedding before and it really was such a lovely moment.

Chesca walked down the aisle with her dad by her side. Sam couldn’t hold back the tears seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.

The ceremony was conducted by the very talented celebrant that is Penelope Jayne. Sam and Chesca had their legal ceremony a few days before the wedding, which meant they could have much more freedom in the way the ceremony was conducted on the day. They had a ring warming, which meant passing their wedding rings around every single one of their guests before exchanging them. They even played rock, paper, scissors to decide who read their vows first!

All in all it was amazing to capture a ceremony full of so much love. Steering away from set traditions to create something that was entirely personal.

Once they had tied the knot (literally!), we headed outside to a mountain of confetti, and the celebrations began. Everyone was in such high spirits (and not only because the rain held off!). The guests just about blew the roof off when they welcomed Sam and Chesca into the room for the wedding breakfast!

The speeches were so brilliantly executed; some really tugging at the heartstrings, with others bringing the humour. I was particularly touched to hear the way Chesca thanked each and every one of their wedding suppliers. When she mentioned that they had wanted me to photograph the wedding even before they were engaged, I could hardly contain my emotions!

After the meal we headed outside to get some gorgeous photos of the newlyweds, before the party officially kicked off. Sam and Chesca did an upbeat first dance to a Blink 182 song, which got everyone up and dancing!

This was such a happy day, and I’m so glad I was able to be even just a small part of it.

Huge shoutout to the incredible team behind Sam and Chesca’s wedding day!

Photography – Lily North Photography
Venue – Saltmarshe Hall
Video – Clique Visuals
Celebrant – Penelope Jayne
Florist – All Occasions Florist
Hair – Tangles Salon
Make-up – Parlour Make Up Studio
Band – Rockafella

A boho wedding in the French vineyards

A boho wedding in the French vineyards…


Back in September, I headed across the pond to the south of France to photograph not one, but two weddings!

Laura and Rowan who own Le Moulin de Chazotte, an incredible venue hidden in the French vineyards, very kindly recommended me to some of their couples who were on the lookout for a wedding photographer. Originally due to take place back in 2020, there was a two year delay for both Samantha & Alain, and Phoebe & Callum due to the dreaded covid. Two years later than planned meant some celebrating was certainly overdue!

I arrived in France on the Thursday night, ready to meet Samantha and Alain the next morning for their engagement shoot. Preparations were well underway, and the venue was just as beautiful as I remember.

Before we knew it the wedding day was finally upon us. Samantha and Alain live in Canada, and most of their family and friends had travelled hundreds, if not thousands of miles to celebrate with them on their wedding day!

Samantha wore an incredibly beautiful boho wedding dress, with dried flowers in her hair. She took everyone’s breath away when she walked down the aisle. Her and Alain had done a secret first look just before the ceremony which was such a gorgeous moment to capture.

The guests were all treated to an array of food stations during the reception, including freshly prepared oysters, dried meats, and plenty of drinks to enjoy in the sunshine!

After a fantastic meal and some brilliant speeches (albeit one was entirely in French so I did my best to laugh in the right places!!), it was surely time to cut the cake? But that’s not the tradition in France! Samantha and Alain instead had an almighty croquembouche which, if you don’t know already, is an enormous tower of profiteroles! And instead of delicately slicing it, as is tradition in the UK, Alain took a full swing at the tower with a huge knife! Or one might even call it a sword! Amazing.

The sun went down over the vineyards, and although it got a little chilly, it meant everyone was up dancing to keep warm! I drove away into the night still listening to the sounds of the party.

As both weddings happened to fall within a week of each other, it meant I had some time in between for a little holiday! Harry and I were staying nearby, and made the most of a few days away in the sun. We had some epic day trips to La Rochelle, Ile de Re, Royan and Cognac. We also enjoyed many, many crepes.

Soon it was time for Phoebe & Callum’s big day, and with all the excitement of the first wedding, it was safe to say I knew this wedding was going to be epic! Stay tuned for part deux!

The perfect wedding at Hornington Manor

The perfect wedding at Hornington Manor…


First thing’s first, it has to be said that I have far too many lovely things to say about Laura, Matt and their wedding! It was genuinely one of the happiest days of my year. Considering I was technically working, that’s not bad going!

I arrived at Hornington Manor on the morning of the wedding to glorious Yorkshire sunshine that continued all day long! Laura was getting ready with her bridesmaids, whilst Matt was just a few rooms away with his groomsmen. I always love it when my brides and grooms get ready at the same venue as it means I can float between the two and capture them both getting ready!

Laura looked STUNNING in her dress. Once she was ready, we did a reveal to her bridesmaids, and Laura shared a special moment with her dad reading a letter she’s written to him on her wedding day.

We all made our way outside to the Lychgate at Hornington Manor, where all the wedding guests were waiting in the glorious sunshine. Matt was ready to see his beautiful bride for the first time, and she definitely took everyone’s breath away when she walked down the aisle.

Laura and Matt said their vows with all of their nearest and dearest smiling with them. It was such a beautiful ceremony. After the I do’s, everyone threw some confetti at the newlyweds and enjoyed some Pimms in the summer sun.

After some family photos, we headed into the barn which was beautifully decorated with all of Laura’s handmade wedding favours! Laura and Matt made quite the entrance soundtracked to The Darkness’ ‘I believe in a thing called love’!

The speeches were fantastic, and everyone tucked into some delicious food courtesy of Hog & Apple. It turns out this is also the name for two of Laura’s greatest assets!!!

As the sun started to set over Hornington Manor, we were blessed with the most perfect of golden hours. Laura and Matt had asked earlier in the day if they could do a champagne spray photo. We’d decided to wait until later in the day, and I’m SO glad we did. These ended up being some of my all time favourite photos! I would recommend doing a champagne spray to anyone getting married – it looks incredible!

Soon it was time for some dancefloor madess. The cake was cut, and Laura and Matt kicked things off in style with confetti canons! Everyone joined them on the dancefloor, and it was full to the brim just about the entire night!

All in all, a truly perfect wedding that I count myself so lucky to have been just a small part of. Laura and Matt – you guys know how much I love you!

Thank you to the most incredible team of suppliers!

Venue – Hornington Manor

Florist – The Petal Studio

Hair – Unity Rhodes Bridal

Make Up – Sonia Schofield

Dress – Gillian Million

Dress alterations – The Bobbin Ilkley

Catering – Hog And Apple

DJ/ Sax – Jonny Ross Music

The wedding full of personal touches

The wedding full of personal touches..


Throwing it right back to June of this year where Kieran and Hebe tied the knot!

I set off the night before the wedding towards Penrith, just north of the Lake District. I decided to pay a visit to Melmerby Hall before the big day to see how these guys were getting on with the setup. And to have a nosey at the venue of course! I simply couldn’t believe how much work they had done! SO many of Kieran & Hebe’s friends and family had lent a helping hand to help create such a gorgeous setup for the wedding. It just looked amazing.

What I loved about this wedding was how much heart and soul had gone into every aspect of the day. From the venue decorations, to the fact that Hebe’s mum had designed and made her wedding dress from scratch! There was such a personal touch to the whole wedding and I loved it.

I arrived at Melmerby Hall on the morning of the wedding where Hebe was getting ready with her bridesmaids, and Kieran was with his groomsmen. It was such a happy morning! Walking into the kitchen to see Kieran’s best man Jonnie (who I went to school with!) was certainly an emotional moment for me! A theme that definitely continued throughout the day…

Once Hebe was ready in her beautiful wedding gown, and the bridesmaids were in their dresses (again, made by Hebe’s incredibly talented mother!!), it was just a hop and a skip up to the church where Kieran was waiting. Despite the gate being locked, we arrived at the church on time!

Emotions were certainly running high when Hebe walked down the aisle with her dad. It was a beautiful ceremony, and Hebe & Kieran were met with a whole bucket load of confetti once they’d said their vows!

The groomsmen were in charge of pouring the Aperol during the drinks reception. Everyone was in high spirits enjoying the unexpected sunshine!

Soon it was time for the speeches, and it’s safe to say that they were absolutely incredible. Some of the most moving speeches I’ve ever heard at a wedding! Kieran’s best man Jonnie absolutely smashed it out of the park. By that I mean there was not one person in the room who wasn’t crying by the end of his speech (including myself!).

Kieran and Hebe kicked off the dancefloor in style, and soon it was time for me to head home to sunny Yorkshire!

For me this wedding was so special because of every ounce of thought put into every detail of the day. I’m so glad I got to share it with such an incredibly special couple. Kieran and Hebe were also the first of my couples to have a wedding viewing at The Studio! Thank you for everything guys – it’s been a blast!