Doggie heaven!

Emily & Tom’s wedding at Broughton Hall was just my idea of heaven.

Having done a business shoot, family shoot and engagement shoot with Emily by the time the wedding rolled around, it’s safe to say we were pretty well acquainted by then! It was lovely arriving on the morning of the wedding and meeting all of Emily’s bridesmaids. Everyone was so chilled out, and to make things even better we were joined by three crazy doggies!

Emily & Tom had opted for a very boho style for the wedding, with so many homemade little touches. It really was beautiful. I’ve always considered myself quite a creative person, but I can safely say that Emily really does put me to shame! She owns her own business creating pet accessories and her work is just amazing. Every time she puts something on Instagram I’m just blown away by her creativity! She had put so much time and effort into all the little touches for the wedding day. The bunting, place settings, table plan. She had even made her own cake toppers that perfectly represented her, Tom, their dog Margo and the cats Ronnie & Reggie!

Once Emily & the girls were ready to go, we headed downstairs where Tom was patiently waiting with his groomsmen. During the ceremony, there was one little surprise for all the wedding guests. Emily & Tom’s dog Margo walked down the aisle carrying the wedding rings!! It was unbelievable – it was like she’d waited her whole life for this moment!

Once the ‘I do’s’ were all wrapped up, the newlyweds were greeted by all their wedding guests.. and a whole load of confetti! There was a ‘pimp my prosecco’ bar that everyone got well and truly stuck into. The kids were in heaven with all the lawn games to play!

One of my favourite parts of the wedding day was during the speeches. Emily’s Dad did the most wonderful speech. There was a particularly funny moment when he recounted one parents’ evening when Emily was in primary school. The teacher had become quite concerned that Emily had started to underperform all of a sudden. It later transpired that her big brother Rob had told her that she simply didn’t need to do any work that year!! It was absolutely hilarious and just about brought everyone to tears!

After everyone had consumed what seemed like a mountain of incredible food, there were still more treats to arrive! Outside there was a little ice cream tuk tuk for all the guests to enjoy! It certainly made for some amazing photos. And the ice cream wasn’t bad either.. so I heard…

It’s safe to say that Emily & Tom’s wedding was just heaven for me. Everything just had such a beautiful, personal touch. I like to think if I ever got married it might look a little something like this!

Back in the autumn..

It seems like FOREVER ago that autumn was here. I thought I’d do a bit of a cheeky throwback as this weekend these two will be celebrating their wedding!

When I met up with these guys back in October, we did some pre wedding photos at their beautiful home near Ilkley. I just LOVE autumn photo shoots. The colours are just incredible and we really were spoilt for choice for where to take pictures!

You can’t have much more of a personal wedding than Amy and Ollie will be having. This Saturday, all their closest friends and family will be gathering at their home to see them tie the knot! Lucky old photographer here will be in her element!

These guys are such a wonderful couple and they were just so lovely to photograph. To make the shoot even better they invited along their crazy puppy Maisie!! She was the craziest, funniest pup ever and I just LOVE having dogs along to a pre wedding shoot!

It’s safe to say I am SO excited for Amy and Ollie’s big day. Not only will they be getting hitched in the most beautiful of surroundings, but I hear there will be lots of brownies. Let’s face it. What more do you need at a wedding?!

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Sausage dog at Rudding Park!

When I arrived at Rudding Park in Harrogate on the morning of the wedding, Ellie just looked so radiant. Liam had delivered some red roses to her that morning and she was just glowing! What a romantic that boy is! Ellie was getting ready with her sister, Mum and mother-in-law to be. It was a super chilled out morning. That was, until the flower girls and page boy arrived haha!

Once the kiddies were dressed and ready to go, it was time to get the bride into her dress. And what a dress! A stunning Enzoani gown from the Harrogate Wedding Lounge. It suited Ellie down to the ground. She looked unbelievably beautiful.

We headed down to the ceremony room, and the lovely Liam was ready and waiting for his bride. First to walk down the aisle were the flower girls and page boy. They didn’t get off to the best of starts when they walked the wrong way bless them, but they made up for it in cuteness overload by carrying a sign that said ‘Uncle Liam here comes your bride’! Awwwww! Then came Ellie’s sister Alice in the most STUNNING gold dress! And then of course the beautiful bride with her dad by her side.

Liam shed a little tear when he saw his bride walking down the aisle. The ceremony was lovely. A really personal service. Ellie’s godparents also shared a reading that they had written themselves.

We were very lucky with the weather on Ellie & Liam’s wedding day. It had been forecast to rain all afternoon but we did not see one drop of rain the entire day! All the guests came outside to throw confetti at the newlyweds. Once we’d done some photos, there was one very special guest still to arrive at Rudding Park… WINNIE! Winnie is Ellie & Liam’s sausage dog and he is just the sweetest little thing in the world. Everyone was so buzzing to see him and he’s just such a poser! I wish every wedding had a token pooch!

It was then time for the speeches, and Ellie’s dad went for the classic ‘embarrass your daughter’ approach to reveal her childhood nickname.. EGG! And what a coincidence that her new initials after marrying Liam were to be E.G.! Liam wasn’t exempt from the embarrassing stories however, as his best man decided to mention the time that he bought the wrong turkey at Christmas! It was absolutely hilarious!

After I had finally dragged myself away from the donut wall, it was time for the first dance. It was such a fun evening as Ellie & Liam had organised a dressing up box and so many of the guests got involved! There was a lot of crazy dancing to round off the night.

All in all this was just such a brilliant wedding at Rudding Park in Harrogate. I just totally fell in love with these two the second I met them. They have hearts of gold and it was such an honour to be part of this incredible day.

Easter fun!

Easter weekend this year seems to have been the perfect time to get married! The second of my Easter weddings was Emma & Jim. These two picked the most beautiful of venues to tie the knot.. Wharfedale Grange in Harrogate!

Photographing bridal prep was a lot of fun. I’m not sure this has ever happened before, but the girls were all pretty much ready about 2 hours before the ceremony! We were all just chilling out and eating Pringles! What more could you want as a wedding photographer?! Once the crisps were devoured, the girls moved onto the fizz. Sitting on the balcony at Wharfedale Grange surrounded by fairy lights wasn’t a bad spot to have a cheeky drink before the wedding!

After the all-important wedding ceremony, all the guests headed outside for some fizz and canapes to enjoy the Yorkshire sunshine! To make the most of the Easter weekend, Emma & Jim had organised an Easter egg hunt for the little ones at the wedding! It was the cutest thing to watch as all the kids ran wild around the garden hunting for eggs!

One of the highlights of Emma & Jim’s wedding for me was after the speeches. Don’t get me wrong, the speeches were awesome! But Anna, Emma’s sister, had organised a little surprise for the newlyweds. The best man was finishing up his speech, saying what a ‘happy’ day it had been, and how he hopes Emma & Jim will have a long and ‘happy’ marriage, when all of a sudden the song ‘Happy’ starts blaring through the speakers! One by one, guests started to get up, and all came together on the dancefloor in a routine that Anna had taught them all! Emma & Jim’s reactions were just priceless. It was amazing. I can’t believe they pulled it off so well! Hats off to Anna for such a lovely surprise.

As if there weren’t enough highlights at this wedding, Emma & Jim had organised a sparkle bar! “But what’s a sparkle bar?!” I hear you cry… WELL.. a sparkle bar is when you sit in a chair, and lovely people put glitter all over your face! And for those of you who watched my Instagram story on the day, you will have seen that OF COURSE I got my face covered in glitter too! And most of my camera equipment too haha!

The wedding was rounded up with some crazy dance moves, then it was time to head home. What a wedding! Emma & Jim, you guys absolutely smashed it.

When I sent Emma & Jim their finished photos, it put the BIGGEST smile on my face when I woke up to their thank you message!..

“OMG OMG OMG!!!!! These pictures are AMAZING and I could cry with happiness!! (Infact I did a little!) You have captured our day perfectly and I will forever be eternally grateful! THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe how many outstanding images you have captured from the day. You have captured everything which amazes me and I just don’t know how you did it!

I am going to look at them again tomorrow (and probably the day after that, and the day after that…. ) so I can process it properly.

I am lost for words at the moment and I really dont know how I will ever be able to thank you enough. Most of the day was a blur (a very happy blur) so to have these lasting images of our perfect day is wonderful! “

Bride and Groom share a kiss at sunset at wedding venue The Normans in York

Wedding at The Normans

Arriving at The Normans in York on the morning of Chris & Yasmin’s wedding could not have been more lovely. The sun was beaming. The setting was just perfect. Slap bang in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside. Beautiful!

I was so excited when I first saw Yasmin. She looked so beautiful and it was such a nice morning photographing her and her bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding. I actually went to school in Harrogate with Yasmin’s younger brother so it was such a lovely reunion!

There were certainly no shortage of beautiful backdrops at The Normans. Photographing everything from the flowers to the dress was the dream! Once the girls were ready to go, we did some photos outside then it was time to get married!

Chris was ready and waiting for his bride. The ceremony room is just stunning – fairy lights everywhere you look! Once Yasmin had walked down the aisle, her and Chris had exchanged their vows, Yasmin’s brother Callum stood up to do a reading. Callum began his speech with the line “she’s not perfect..”, and everybody was just dying with laughter when he pretended that was the end!! Chris & Yasmin’s reactions were just hilarious.

Chris & Yasmin tied the knot on Good Friday, and it certainly was a good Friday!! The weather was just incredible for the rest for the rest of the day. What a weekend to get married!

Some fab speeches later, we were treated to the most beautiful of sunsets. Chris & Yasmin walking through the fields with the sun going down are for sure some of my favourites of the day!

To top off an already incredible wedding, I can’t tell you how much fun I had photographing the evening do once the dancefloor was in full swing! Everyone had indulged in a tipple (or two..) and it was just hilarious. There were split trousers, questionable dance moves and a few wobbly people by the end of it! Just brilliant. I wish every dancefloor could be as wild!!!

The Tithe Barn wedding

I knew when Jo & Nathan first told me they were getting married at the Tithe Barn that it was going to be a killer wedding! When I first saw the barn being built, I just thought what a stunning venue that was going to be! Bolton Abbey is one of my favourite places to visit in Yorkshire. It has been ever since I was a child. What a spot to get married!

On the morning of the wedding, both Jo and Nathan were getting ready just down the road at The Tempest Arms in Skipton. I was greeted by a very chilled out bride and groom which was just lovely! Once Nathan and his best man had enjoyed a cheeky whisky, they headed off to the venue. The rest of the morning was spent with Jo and her beautiful bridesmaids. It was SUCH a fun morning..

Aimee, Jo’s sister, has the voice of an angel. She was singing for us all morning in preparation for her performance during the ceremony (as well as chomping on a tub of walnuts!). Laura couldn’t find her bag so settled for a rather fetching gift bag. Helen came in to show us her baby boy’s wedding outfit, and had us all howling when she held up an enormous pair of adult shoes! Jo had a big group of Italian friends coming to the wedding and had prepared a little something to say to them (in Italian). It totally tickled me when I realised that Jo didn’t actually speak Italian and had no idea what she was saying! What a trouper for speaking Italian in front of 150 of your closest friends and family though!

Once the dream team of Cat & Evelyn had finished their hair and make-up masterpieces, we all headed off to the Tithe Barn.

Nathan was ready and waiting with his groomsmen, all dressed in the most amazing green velvet jackets! Marc Jacobs has nothing on these guys!

I immediately fell in love with the venue. The Tithe Barn is just so beautiful. Fairy lights everywhere. Breathtaking views across Bolton Abbey. What a dream. When Jo walked down the aisle the whole room just went WHOOAAAHHHHHHHHH. She looked an absolute vision!

We went for a little drive after the ceremony to get some photos of the newlyweds! These two are just so natural in front of the camera. It was a nice chance to have a bit of a breather away from all the action too!

One of my favourite bits of the day was being joined by the insanely talented Mark Waddington. He is the most incredible magician, and the reactions from the guests just made for some of my favourite photos EVER!

The speeches were ace. Food was divine. Dancefloor was on fire. What a wedding. Just incredible from start to finish. THANK YOU Jo and Nathan for having me along on your big day, and for introducing to one of my new favourite wedding venues!

First of the season

Chris & Raphael’s wedding was my first of 2019. I couldn’t have wished for a lovelier start to the season!

Wharfedale Grange is one of the most BEAUTIFUL wedding venues in Yorkshire. I would say *in my opinion*, but let’s be honest, it’s pretty damn cool.

When you arrive on the morning of a wedding, you never know if you’ll be met with calm or chaos. Luckily enough this was the most chilled out bridal prep ever! Raphael was getting ready with her sister Scarlett, and Eva the flower girl kept us all entertained. Raph was ready to go nice and early, which meant we had chance to do some photos before the ceremony. Bridal portraits are some of my favourite photos to capture. I am always so happy when we have time to do them!

Chris was ready and waiting with his best man, and even though Raph absolutely RACED down the aisle with her dad by her side, it was a very happy reunion with her hubby-to-be.

We were well and truly blessed with the weather, and the sun shone for the entire day. You never really know what you’re going to get with a wedding in April, but to get all the guests outside for the drinks reception is always a treat.

Once the meal was out of the way, we headed outside for some golden hour photos. The lighting was just beautiful and they are for sure some of my favourite shots of the day.

All the guests gathered under the enormous disco ball (which I believe is the largest rose-gold disco ball in Europe.. bit of trivia for you there..) to watch Chris & Raph cut their wedding cake. Oh, and their pork pie. Yes, they had a wedding pork pie.

The first dance was a total dream. Not only was it to one of my favourite songs, but there was confetti everywhere and Raph’s sister Scarlett even joined them on the dancefloor for a cheeky cuddle.

What a brilliant start to the 2019 wedding season. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store!

Sunset on Ilkley moor

Yesterday I met up with these two beautiful humans for their engagement shoot on Ilkley Moor. It was one of those shoots that when I left, I just felt SO giddy and excited. I couldn’t wait to take a look through all the photos!

We decided to reschedule the shoot to the evening as the weather forecast was a bit crap in the morning. I am sooooo pleased that we did! Once we’d hiked to the top of Ilkley Moor the sun was still peeking over the tops. It just looked beautiful.

We had a big chat about all the plans for the wedding day. Zoe & Harry also told me a lot about their history together and why Ilkley was so special to them. Not only had they both gone to school there, but it was up on the moor one day that they’d decided to make things work long distance whilst Zoe went travelling in Australia. With Harry now living and working in Germany, I have so much respect for these two. How they are able to have such a wonderful relationship whilst living so many hundreds of miles apart is just awesome.

Towards the end of the shoot, I made a point of asking Zoe & Harry if they’d found it strange having their photos taken. Much to my amusement, Zoe replied saying that the scariest part was having to think of what to talk about when I told them to look at each other! That just totally tickled me!

These two were such a lovely couple to photograph as well as wonderful company. We had such a laugh doing the shoot, discussing our favourite dinners and how spicy curries are actually hugely overrated. To top it all off we were treated to the most glorious sunset. The Great British weather doesn’t always behave, but when it does it’s a real treat.

Zoe & Harry are getting married at the Tithe Barn this July, and I can’t wait to capture what I know will be an amazing wedding!

Only 600 wedding guests!

When you turn up to photograph a wedding with 600 guests, it can certainly feel a little overwhelming!

Recently I had the pleasure of second shooting for the incredible Hamish Irvine. Hamish is such a lovely guy, and was kind enough to invite me along to this amazing wedding. Having never photographed an Islamic wedding before, every moment of the day was pretty much a surprise!

The big day was so different to anything I had ever seen. It was such a pleasure to see a wedding conducted in such a different way to what I’m used to. I’ve always loved vibrant colours in my photography too, so you can imagine what a treat this was! I was in heaven!

The wedding was at the Regency Hall; a venue grand enough to hold all 600 guests!

After a day full of lots of dancing and a LOT of photos, one of the traditions of an Islamic is for the bride’s family to say goodbye to her before she leaves home. It’s safe to say I was an emotional wreck! A lot of the guests had been telling me throughout the wedding that it would be a sad moment, but I had certainly underestimated it.

It really was such an honour to be part of such an incredible day. Thank you to Hamish for having me along!

The perfect January day

You wouldn’t believe these photos were taken in the middle of January! When the lovely Lydia first got in touch to book a family shoot for her mum’s birthday, she was a little worried about what the weather might do on the day. I don’t think either of us expected the most glorious sunshine for the shoot! It was amazing.

Lydia’s family travelled to Harrogate from all ends of the country, so it was really important to get some special family photos of everyone together. There were 11 people in total, which is for sure the biggest family shoot I’ve done to date! We even had chance to recreate some old baby photos which was just hilarious. It wasn’t as easy as we initially thought to get everyone in the right places!

Despite the sunny weather, the wind was a little bit wild. You can PROBABLY tell from the windswept look in most of the photos! Everyone was so brilliant though, and battled through with smiles on their faces.

We even got Dolly the dog involved for some super cute shots! Lydia really made me laugh when she said that her siblings were all with their partners for the shoot, but Dolly was her date instead!

I absolutely loved this shoot. Lydia and her family made me feel so welcome, and even the January weather surprised us all! I’ve been posting a lot of wedding stuff recently but family shoots are still such a special part of my job!