The wedding full of personal touches..


Throwing it right back to June of this year where Kieran and Hebe tied the knot!

I set off the night before the wedding towards Penrith, just north of the Lake District. I decided to pay a visit to Melmerby Hall before the big day to see how these guys were getting on with the setup. And to have a nosey at the venue of course! I simply couldn’t believe how much work they had done! SO many of Kieran & Hebe’s friends and family had lent a helping hand to help create such a gorgeous setup for the wedding. It just looked amazing.

What I loved about this wedding was how much heart and soul had gone into every aspect of the day. From the venue decorations, to the fact that Hebe’s mum had designed and made her wedding dress from scratch! There was such a personal touch to the whole wedding and I loved it.

I arrived at Melmerby Hall on the morning of the wedding where Hebe was getting ready with her bridesmaids, and Kieran was with his groomsmen. It was such a happy morning! Walking into the kitchen to see Kieran’s best man Jonnie (who I went to school with!) was certainly an emotional moment for me! A theme that definitely continued throughout the day…

Once Hebe was ready in her beautiful wedding gown, and the bridesmaids were in their dresses (again, made by Hebe’s incredibly talented mother!!), it was just a hop and a skip up to the church where Kieran was waiting. Despite the gate being locked, we arrived at the church on time!

Emotions were certainly running high when Hebe walked down the aisle with her dad. It was a beautiful ceremony, and Hebe & Kieran were met with a whole bucket load of confetti once they’d said their vows!

The groomsmen were in charge of pouring the Aperol during the drinks reception. Everyone was in high spirits enjoying the unexpected sunshine!

Soon it was time for the speeches, and it’s safe to say that they were absolutely incredible. Some of the most moving speeches I’ve ever heard at a wedding! Kieran’s best man Jonnie absolutely smashed it out of the park. By that I mean there was not one person in the room who wasn’t crying by the end of his speech (including myself!).

Kieran and Hebe kicked off the dancefloor in style, and soon it was time for me to head home to sunny Yorkshire!

For me this wedding was so special because of every ounce of thought put into every detail of the day. I’m so glad I got to share it with such an incredibly special couple. Kieran and Hebe were also the first of my couples to have a wedding viewing at The Studio! Thank you for everything guys – it’s been a blast!