Yesterday I met up with these two beautiful humans for their engagement shoot on Ilkley Moor. It was one of those shoots that when I left, I just felt SO giddy and excited. I couldn’t wait to take a look through all the photos!

We decided to reschedule the shoot to the evening as the weather forecast was a bit crap in the morning. I am sooooo pleased that we did! Once we’d hiked to the top of Ilkley Moor the sun was still peeking over the tops. It just looked beautiful.

We had a big chat about all the plans for the wedding day. Zoe & Harry also told me a lot about their history together and why Ilkley was so special to them. Not only had they both gone to school there, but it was up on the moor one day that they’d decided to make things work long distance whilst Zoe went travelling in Australia. With Harry now living and working in Germany, I have so much respect for these two. How they are able to have such a wonderful relationship whilst living so many hundreds of miles apart is just awesome.

Towards the end of the shoot, I made a point of asking Zoe & Harry if they’d found it strange having their photos taken. Much to my amusement, Zoe replied saying that the scariest part was having to think of what to talk about when I told them to look at each other! That just totally tickled me!

These two were such a lovely couple to photograph as well as wonderful company. We had such a laugh doing the shoot, discussing our favourite dinners and how spicy curries are actually hugely overrated. To top it all off we were treated to the most glorious sunset. The Great British weather doesn’t always behave, but when it does it’s a real treat.

Zoe & Harry are getting married at the Tithe Barn this July, and I can’t wait to capture what I know will be an amazing wedding!