I knew that a shoot in Notting Hill would be just heavenly. I didn’t expect JUST how much I’d love it!

SO. Bit of a back story. First met this gorgeous couple at a styled shoot last summer organised by the super talented Burtons Photography. It rained the entire time but somehow Sarah & Liam still managed to look amazing. Almost a year later, now husband and wife, I met up with them in the most picturesque, instagrammable street in the whole wide world, and we smashed out some epic snaps.

Earlier that afternoon, I’d been having a bit of a wander around Notting Hill. I’d found some really nice places, but so much of it was heaving with crowds of tourists. I just wasn’t really feeling it. I decided to Google something ridiculous like ‘the most instagrammable place in Notting Hill’. Low and behold, on just about every website, the number one suggestion was St Luke’s Mews. I thought that because it had been such a popular outcome that it would also be full of crowds. How wrong I was! There was not a soul to be seen!

I met Sarah at the tube station and we wandered up together. I was so excited to show her this little gem I’d found. A girl after my own heart, I know she loves those Instagrammable backdrops just as much as me..

Liam was coming straight from work bless him, so in the meantime Sarah & I had a big catch up, explored a little and got some cute snaps of her in front of all these beautiful houses.

Poor Liam has had enough photoshoots this year to last I lifetime, but bless him he was on top form and got out that killer smile for the camera! These guys are just the most incredible couple to photograph ever ever ever. I don’t even need to tell them what to do! They just are how they are with each other!

After a brief appearance from the one and only George Osbourne (who it turns out actually lives on the same street), it was time for us to part ways. I am SO grateful to these guys for taking the time to do this shoot with me. Honestly the photos I had imagined in my head just don’t even match up to the ones we got.

Just to top it all off, the sun shone for the entire evening, and not even a hint of rain (unlike last year!)