When I first met these guys just a couple of months ago, I totally fell in love with them. It totally blew me away that they were able to organise their wedding in just over 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS! We met up for their pre wedding shoot in beautiful Haworth in West Yorkshire. It was such a lovely morning because not only did I get to know Alethea & Milan, but also got to meet their two beautiful children!

We got on so well from the second we met. I just loved their whole attitude towards the wedding. They just weren’t fussed about all the frilly bits. With everything we talked about, it all came back to just how much they wanted to marry each other. Nothing else was important and I just thought that was so special.

Before we knew it, the wedding day was upon us. It’s always such a pleasure to be back at Wharfedale Grange in Harrogate. It’s always been a venue that I’ve loved ever since my first wedding there last year. Alethea was SO nervous on the lead up to the ceremony. One of my favourite photos of the whole wedding is Alethea looking out of the window to see Milan arriving.

The ceremony was absolutely hilarious. I think once Alethea had walked down the aisle, there was so much going on that she just forgot she was nervous!! During the vows, Alethea & Milan’s little girl kept putting her hands in Alethea’s mouth which just had everyone in stitches. The music didn’t come on. The kids started playing with the fairy lights. It was wedding madness but it was honestly hilarious.

A whole load of confetti later, and it was of course time for.. burgers and hot dogs! The guests were all treated to some epic canapés, so we took the bride and groom off for some portraits. Before the wedding Alethea & Milan kept telling me how much they didn’t like having their picture taken. Well OH MY GOD! YOU WOULD HAVE NO IDEA! They are both just SO beautiful. Alethea’s smile just lights up the room. And the way Milan looks at her is totally heart-warming.

After some lovely speeches, it was time to PARRTTTAAAYYYYYY. Alethea & Milan kicked things off with a beautiful first dance (featuring the amazing confetti canons!). The guests all got their dancing shoes on, there were lots of sambuca shots, and I ended up staying way later than I was meant to because I was having such a fab time!

I’d also like to say a HUGE thank you to my amazing second shooter Fern. It’s been a PLEASURE to have her by my side at so many weddings recently. Wouldn’t have been the same without you darling so THANK YOU!