Hasn’t this year just been lovely? I just feel like I’ve done so many things and achieved so much! Remember that time when..

Oh hang on. Just wait a second. I think I’m getting a little mixed up with one of those other years. Yeah. No yeah that’s right. 2020 was absolutely [insert expletive here].

I wasn’t sure I was going to bother with a ‘highlights’ post like I usually would do at the end of the year because, ya know, that pandemic happened. But ACTUALLY, I’m so glad I did! I almost forgot that weddings were actually a proper thing before March! And the weddings that were able to go ahead in the second half of the year were bloody beautiful!

So here we are. A little selection of my absolute favourite photos of 2020. I thought I’d end up with about 4 photos in this post, but narrowing down my favourites was actually really tough!!

There were a lot of really, really beautiful moments this year. Particularly in the second half. After countless postponements, cancellations, last minute rearranging, the relief after saying the vows was just BURSTING out of my couples! I’m so grateful I got to witness moments like that.

I just have to finish by saying the most enormous thank you to all my couples! You guys have kept me going more than I’ll ever be able to explain. Your determination  has honestly BLOWN ME AWAY. You guys are incredible.

For all my 2020 couples who sadly had to postpone, I just can’t tell you how excited I am for you guys. 2021 is your year and it’s going to be bloody amazing! Let’s do this!

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