Easter weekend this year seems to have been the perfect time to get married! The second of my Easter weddings was Emma & Jim. These two picked the most beautiful of venues to tie the knot.. Wharfedale Grange in Harrogate!

Photographing bridal prep was a lot of fun. I’m not sure this has ever happened before, but the girls were all pretty much ready about 2 hours before the ceremony! We were all just chilling out and eating Pringles! What more could you want as a wedding photographer?! Once the crisps were devoured, the girls moved onto the fizz. Sitting on the balcony at Wharfedale Grange surrounded by fairy lights wasn’t a bad spot to have a cheeky drink before the wedding!

After the all-important wedding ceremony, all the guests headed outside for some fizz and canapes to enjoy the Yorkshire sunshine! To make the most of the Easter weekend, Emma & Jim had organised an Easter egg hunt for the little ones at the wedding! It was the cutest thing to watch as all the kids ran wild around the garden hunting for eggs!

One of the highlights of Emma & Jim’s wedding for me was after the speeches. Don’t get me wrong, the speeches were awesome! But Anna, Emma’s sister, had organised a little surprise for the newlyweds. The best man was finishing up his speech, saying what a ‘happy’ day it had been, and how he hopes Emma & Jim will have a long and ‘happy’ marriage, when all of a sudden the song ‘Happy’ starts blaring through the speakers! One by one, guests started to get up, and all came together on the dancefloor in a routine that Anna had taught them all! Emma & Jim’s reactions were just priceless. It was amazing. I can’t believe they pulled it off so well! Hats off to Anna for such a lovely surprise.

As if there weren’t enough highlights at this wedding, Emma & Jim had organised a sparkle bar! “But what’s a sparkle bar?!” I hear you cry… WELL.. a sparkle bar is when you sit in a chair, and lovely people put glitter all over your face! And for those of you who watched my Instagram story on the day, you will have seen that OF COURSE I got my face covered in glitter too! And most of my camera equipment too haha!

The wedding was rounded up with some crazy dance moves, then it was time to head home. What a wedding! Emma & Jim, you guys absolutely smashed it.

When I sent Emma & Jim their finished photos, it put the BIGGEST smile on my face when I woke up to their thank you message!..

“OMG OMG OMG!!!!! These pictures are AMAZING and I could cry with happiness!! (Infact I did a little!) You have captured our day perfectly and I will forever be eternally grateful! THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe how many outstanding images you have captured from the day. You have captured everything which amazes me and I just don’t know how you did it!

I am going to look at them again tomorrow (and probably the day after that, and the day after that…. ) so I can process it properly.

I am lost for words at the moment and I really dont know how I will ever be able to thank you enough. Most of the day was a blur (a very happy blur) so to have these lasting images of our perfect day is wonderful! “