Not long to go!

It wasn’t long ago that these two decided to book their wedding. Less than a month until the big day in fact!

After being engaged for 3 years, Georgia & Charlie decided to invite all their friends and family to celebrate their wedding with them at the end of December.

These two really felt like a breath of fresh air to me towards the end of last year. It’s so unexpected to have somebody book when the wedding is just a few weeks away. It meant that we squeezed in the engagement shoot straight away, and before we knew it was the wedding day!

Georgia got ready at her house in York with her 3 lovely bridesmaids by her side. The morning was super chilled, and when we arrived at Sandburn Hall all the guests were seated and ready to go.

Charlie was eagerly waiting to see his bride. When Georgia walked down the aisle, poor Charlie burst into tears! It honestly melted my heart to see such a beautiful reaction. Romance is still very much alive, people!!

After some chilly group photos and some lovely photos of Georgia & Charlie, we headed back inside to get warm. Sandburn Hall really was beautiful. It’s the first time I’ve visited the venue and on such a cold day it was the perfect venue for keeping the guests cosy. The fairy lights covered every beam and the effect was stunning.

The evening was one of my favourite parts of Georgia & Charlie’s big day. Not long after the first dance, everyone was properly going for it on the dancefloor! Some of my favourite photos at weddings are guests going crazy for the tuuuuuneeessss!

A hugggeeee thank you to Georgia & Charlie for letting me be a part of such an amazing day. You guys are the best.

Save it for a rainy day

What do you do when it’s too rainy on the day of your photoshoot?

A) Brave the rain and do the photos outside
B) Go inside and take photos in your apartment
C) All of the above

Well, the correct answer is C of course!

Last year I took part in this gorgeous styled shoot organised by the amazing Burtons Photography. We started off the shoot in the Valley Gardens in Harrogate, and poor Liam & Sarah were soaked through after the first few photos!

Despite the rain, they still managed to look all kinds of beautiful! We got lots of gorgeous photos all around the park, and even found some shelter under some giant leaves which made Sarah & Liam look like the borrowers! (Forgive my lack of plant knowledge, I’m sure the giant leaves have an official Latin name. Sorry Mum.)

Once the rain had officially become ridiculous, we headed for dry land! The second half of the shoot was in the most beautiful apartment in Harrogate. After everyone had dried off, it was time for a cuppa and chance for some more photos.

This was the first time I had done a couples shoot inside, and I LOVED it. A really great chance to try out some new ideas.

It was only a matter of time before we started throwing food around the place, and for sure throwing popcorn at Liam & Sarah made some of my favourite images from the whole shoot! It honestly was hilarious. Their expressions are just priceless.

Something a little different from my usual shoots, but if any couples are thinking they might like to try something similar then I would LOVE to hear from you!

The France wedding

I knew France was going to be incredible. It did not disappoint!

When Charlotte asked if I would shoot a wedding with her in France, it was kind of a no brainer.

Despite a lot of travelling and the earliest of starts, we finally arrived at Le Moulin de Chazotte the day before the wedding. We met Fi and Sam for the first time. They were SO welcoming and the loveliest of couples. We did a bit of a pre wedding shoot with them and it was gorgeous. We not only got to know them both better, but it was also a chance to explore the beautiful surroundings.

After a sneak peek at the wedding rehearsal, we headed back to our hotel in the beautiful French countryside, until finally it was the big day!

When we arrived on the wedding day, Fi and all her bridesmaids were making a start on preparations. One thing I didn’t expect is for the bridesmaids to be making their own bouquets! After gathering wild flowers from the surrounding fields, the girls sat outside in the sun and made the most beautiful, rustic bouquets I’ve ever seen! Such a lovely and personal touch to add to the wedding.

Once Fi and her bride tribe were ready, we all headed to the ceremony. Now, this was NOT your standard ceremony room. Oh no. I can’t even begin to describe how stunning it was! I think I’ll leave that for the photos to show.

After a little prank from the page boy who presented the couple with Haribo rings, the vows were exchanged and Fi and Sam were husband and wife!

The rest of the wedding was quite simply a dream come true.

I’d always wanted to photograph a wedding abroad, and to spend it with such lovely people was just amazing.

The day was concluded with sparklers and dancing, before everyone headed their separate ways.

The perfect couple

Sometimes you can just tell when a couple are meant for each other. And with Helen & Matt, it couldn’t be more true.

These two are SO natural with each other which makes them just a total pleasure to photograph. From our first meeting, to the engagement shoot and finally to the wedding, they have been a photographer’s dream!

The wedding day itself was super emotional, and some of my favourite photos were the moments that Helen shared with her sister. Even after the first dance, Helen’s whole family gathered onto the dancefloor in a huge embrace and all had a little cry together.

The Old Swan in Harrogate was the perfect venue for this colourful autumn wedding. Every detail was meticulously planned. Even down to the personalised packets of Love Hearts scattered on the tables! There was the most incredible wedding cake made my Betty’s,  and gorgeous flowers from Regal Florists in Harrogate.  What more could you want?!

Mr & Mrs Turner – you guys really are the most wonderful couple. I’m so thrilled that I got to be part of such a special wedding.

What a year!

And what a year it’s been! 2018 has been an absolute corker, and choosing 50 of my favourite photos from the last 365 days hasn’t been the easiest task!

2018 has been full of the loveliest weddings, engagement shoots and family sessions. I want to say an ENORMOUS thank you to all my amazing brides and grooms, as well as all the gorgeous families I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this year. You guys are the reason I can continue to do what I love.

Being a photographer really is the most rewarding job. I cannot wait to see what next year has in store!

Totally & utterly festive

I couldn’t have imagined how this festive shoot could have been any more perfect!

It’s such a total and utter delight when a couple as special as these two come into my life. Katie-Marie & Matt are truly the most gorgeous human beings both inside and out.

We met for the engagement shoot in York on the most beautiful Sunday morning, thinking it would be nice and quiet before the shops opened. Oh how wrong we were! I couldn’t believe how busy it was.. damn Christmas shoppers!

I must just say how INRCREDIBLE these two were with having their photos taken. Katie-Marie was super nervous beforehand bless her. Despite how many hundreds of people there were walking past doing their Christmas shopping, it really did feel like it was just us three in the whole of York.

For me what makes these two even more special is that they are both profoundly deaf, and the way we were able to communicate in such a busy environment just totally blew me away. These two really are just amazing people, and the kindest souls I’ve met in a really long time.

I know I will bore my friends and family by going on and on about how crazy I am for these two!

This shoot was everything I could have hoped it would be, and the perfect way to get us all feeling festive! Now I just can’t wait for the wedding at Middleton Lodge next year..

Yorkshire at heart

When this beautiful couple popped into my life I just knew their ‘Yorkshire themed’ shoot was going to be amazing.

Even from our first email when Rachel told me she wanted to bring along a picnic and champagne. How could I not be excited?!

It’s SO rare when so many things come together in one shoot. Incredible couple with such beautiful chemistry. Gorgeous weather. Funniest dog I’ve ever met in my life. Best location ever (YORKSHIRE!).

Rachel & Brandon are originally from the States and got in touch to book a shoot before they move back there in the new year. They wanted some photos that represented them as a couple in the place they’ve called home for the past few years.

As well as trotting around the Yorkshire Dales for an hour, our shoot featured macaroons, rope swings, telephone boxes and the most beautiful views around.

Rachel & Brandon’s couples shoot was EASILY one of my favourite shoots from the whole of 2018. It’s so special to have met such an extraordinary couple. The only downside from meeting these two is that they’re already married.. so I don’t get to photograph their wedding!

Born to be wild

I knew from the first time I met these two that their wedding was going to be wild.

The wedding day was actually the third time I’ve photographed Becky, and I feel like we know each other inside out! She absolutely bossed any portraits we did. She knows my style and together we are the dream team!

One of my favourite moments of this wedding happened during bridal prep. I was taking some photos of Becky outside once she was ready in her dress. She was being really careful where she stood because Kyle was getting ready just next door. All of a sudden we thought ‘sod it’, and we went to get Kyle. Becky stayed on one side of the wall, with her groom on the other. Being able to see them both without them seeing each other was AMAZING!

Kyle was adamant that he wasn’t going to cry when Becky walked down the aisle, but I could tell there was a little tear there. After the hitch, these two went on a little trip in a horse and carriage!

There were so many surprises throughout the day I don’t even know where to start. Horse and carriage. Donut wall. Chocolate fountain. Casino. Rodeo bull. Bouncy castle… the list goes on!

The day was wild from start to finish, and I just love how much was going on for the entire day. There really was not a dull moment. To finish off a brilliant wedding, we were treated to the most amazing sunset over the fields at Thief Hall. 

Massive shout out to my amazing second shooter Janet, who was an absolute pleasure to have along on the day!

Did someone say chihuahuas?

Doing a shoot with two chihuahuas called Darcy & Bentley was always going to be fun. It’s also been a great opportunity for me to learn how to spell chihuahuas..

I met Natalie & Alex last year when they invited me to their parents’ house in Harrogate for a cuppa! Normally when I first meet my couples it’s for a quiet coffee somewhere, but what fun it was to meet the whole family AND the dogs first hand!

Natalie & Alex decided to have their pre wedding shoot at Castle Howard. It’s a very special place to them both personally so it was only right to document such an exciting time in their lives at this stunning venue!

Having never been before, these guys showed me around the grounds. It really was beautiful. It was so lovely to really get to know Natalie & Alex too – I absolutely love it at pre wedding shoots when we get to chat about all the exciting things planned for the big day!

After we’d had a wander, we met Natalie’s lovely mum who had been looking after the chihuahuas! They were certainly very camera shy at first but we managed to get some SUPER cute photos of them being cuddled by their mum and dad!

So excited that I get to photograph Natalie & Alex’s wedding at The Principal in York next week. It’s just a huge shame that the doggies can’t be there with us!

The Wharfedale wedding

About a year ago was the first time I saw Wharfedale Grange being built. Ever since then I knew I had to shoot a wedding there!

Then in walk Nancy and Harry and they just casually mention they’re getting married at my dream venue! It’s safe to say I was pretty excited.

After their engagement shoot near Harrogate, I knew their wedding was going to be amazing. To date, this was the biggest wedding I’ve ever photographed! They had guests at the wedding who’d travelled up from all over the world just to be there.

Nancy got ready at her parents’ house on the day of the wedding. It was certainly an emotional morning so we had to be careful not to ruin all Amy’s amazing work on the make up! On that note, if you’re still looking for a make-up artist for your wedding then give Amy George a call. She’s one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. She also just happens to be probably the best make-up artist I’ve ever worked with. I mean, just look at Nancy’s gorgeous face for the proof!

The amazing suppliers working on this wedding were a photographer’s dream. I must just mention the gorgeous flowers supplied by Leafy Couture. Having seen the flowers they did for Claire & Antony, I knew whatever they created was going to be pretty special.

Wharfedale Grange looked absolutely stunning. All I kept hearing all day was guests saying how beautiful it was.

After some brilliant speeches from the best men and the bridesmaids, the day was rounded up by the most alive dancefloor I’ve ever seen. You can imagine the excitement when Nancy & Harry’s first dance was ‘Born to be wild’!