The first frost

As a fellow photographer, I was honoured when Beth asked me to photograph her and her family!

Beth decided on Bolton Abbey for the shoot. Not only is it halfway between our houses in Harrogate and Clitheroe, but just so happens to be one of my favourite places to photograph! I’ve been going to Bolton Abbey ever since I was about 3 years old. I like to think I know just about every nook and cranny, and the best places for photos too!

Sorry to be dramatic, but the morning of the shoot was just breathtaking. It was the first time we’ve had a heavy frost this winter. The leaves were bright red, and it was just absolutely stunning against the frost. Luckily the sun was shining and it wasn’t too blustery!

We had a bit of a wander around the Abbey, and it was rather amusing to watch Beth attempt the stepping stones in suede knee-high boots! It really was such a lovely morning, and a such a pleasure to meet Beth’s family.

Love in the autumn leaves

You can imagine my excitement when these two booked a couples shoot!

When I asked if they would mind lying down in some damp leaves, I was rather surprised when they agreed without hesitation. I don’t think there are many models out there who would be so willing! I think this merits the phrase “sorry not sorry”.

We did Fern & Ell’s shoot in Ilkley. When I set off from Harrogate the weather was quite moody and bleak. I thought this would work really nicely with Fern & Ell’s style. However, when it came to editing the shoot, I was SO happy that it had been so sunny. The colours were just incredible.

Fern and Ell I think are clearly beautiful humans, but for me what makes a shoot extra special is how comfortable a couple are with one another. I love a couple that can just stare at their partner for ages without feeling shy.

The style of my couples’ sessions tends to be super happy and smiley. Fern and Ell’s shoot was such a fun opportunity to shake up my usual style and try something a bit different.

Shout out to Fern and Ell for basically just being awesome!