When this beautiful couple popped into my life I just knew their ‘Yorkshire themed’ shoot was going to be amazing.

Even from our first email when Rachel told me she wanted to bring along a picnic and champagne. How could I not be excited?!

It’s SO rare when so many things come together in one shoot. Incredible couple with such beautiful chemistry. Gorgeous weather. Funniest dog I’ve ever met in my life. Best location ever (YORKSHIRE!).

Rachel & Brandon are originally from the States and got in touch to book a shoot before they move back there in the new year. They wanted some photos that represented them as a couple in the place they’ve called home for the past few years.

As well as trotting around the Yorkshire Dales for an hour, our shoot featured macaroons, rope swings, telephone boxes and the most beautiful views around.

Rachel & Brandon’s couples shoot was EASILY one of my favourite shoots from the whole of 2018. It’s so special to have met such an extraordinary couple. The only downside from meeting these two is that they’re already married.. so I don’t get to photograph their wedding!