This engagement shoot was an absolute dream come true! I have wanted to do a shoot at the seaside for god knows how long! The biggest thank you to Zoe & Ben for making it a reality!

We had originally planned to do the shoot back in March but, you know, pandemic and all that jazz. I was so gutted at the time, but my goodness it was worth the wait!

I met Zoe & Ben in Whitby, and we were so lucky with the weather! We decided to meet later in the day, and so luckily by then, most of the crowds had gone home.

Whitby wasn’t short of beautiful little spots where we could take photos. So many cute little doorways, narrow streets and beach huts. We spent an hour or so exploring the town, and even on busier streets, Zoe & Ben were just absolute naturals in front of the camera! It was like they were the only people in Whitby in their own little moment! They have so much chemistry it’s insane. And SO beautiful to photograph.

We decided it would be best to leave the beach photos until the very end, so that the sun was nice and low in the sky. I am SO glad we did! We were treated to the most beautiful golden hour, and the most glorious sunset.

Big shoutout to these guys for humouring me because the stuff I had them doing was just hilarious. They must have run up and down the beach about 15 times so I could get ‘the shot’. We then got in the sea to paddle, and got SOAKED by an enormous wave! Thank you Zoe & Ben for putting up with my nonsense because I bloody love the photos!

Just as we were heading for home, I looked at my watch and realised we’d been shooting for almost 2 hours! I couldn’t BELIEVE how quickly it had gone! We said our goodbyes and I headed back to Harrogate.

Zoe & Ben are celebrating their wedding at the end of September and I for one can’t wait. I hope Boris is kind to us so they can have the wedding of their dreams. Can’t wait to celebrate with these guys 🙂