I couldn’t have imagined how this festive shoot could have been any more perfect!

It’s such a total and utter delight when a couple as special as these two come into my life. Katie-Marie & Matt are truly the most gorgeous human beings both inside and out.

We met for the engagement shoot in York on the most beautiful Sunday morning, thinking it would be nice and quiet before the shops opened. Oh how wrong we were! I couldn’t believe how busy it was.. damn Christmas shoppers!

I must just say how INRCREDIBLE these two were with having their photos taken. Katie-Marie was super nervous beforehand bless her. Despite how many hundreds of people there were walking past doing their Christmas shopping, it really did feel like it was just us three in the whole of York.

For me what makes these two even more special is that they are both profoundly deaf, and the way we were able to communicate in such a busy environment just totally blew me away. These two really are just amazing people, and the kindest souls I’ve met in a really long time.

I know I will bore my friends and family by going on and on about how crazy I am for these two!

This shoot was everything I could have hoped it would be, and the perfect way to get us all feeling festive! Now I just can’t wait for the wedding at Middleton Lodge next year..