Some people can spend three years planning a wedding. These guys showed you can pull it off in just THREE DAYS. And what absolute legends they are for doing it!

After Boris’ announcement a few weeks back that we could only have 15 people at weddings, these guys sprang into action. They decided they were going to have the wedding day that had dreamed of. Thankfully, there were a couple of days left whilst 30 people were still permitted. So these guys grabbed the bull by the horns and brought their entire wedding forward to that Saturday afternoon!

First of all, I have to give a huge shoutout to the wonder that is Freya Raby! Freya sadly had a clash of weddings on that date and so very kindly put me in touch with Sophie and Leo. And I am so grateful that she did because it was such a lovely wedding. And the biggest honour to have met such a lovely couple as well.

Sophie and Leo had managed to reschedule all of their suppliers, including florist, dress designer, vicar and make-up artist, with only a couple of days’ notice. And thankfully, all 30 of their nearest and dearest were still able to make it to the wedding! It was an absolute triumph.

I knew from the moment I spoke to Sophie that we would get on so well. She phoned me up a couple of days before the wedding, and you know when you just feel like you’ve known somebody for ages? Considering she had just rearranged her entire wedding, she was one of the most chilled out brides I’ve ever met! Such a legend!

The morning of the wedding was just as I’d expected. Super relaxed, super lovely, and just a quiet morning of Sophie getting ready at her family home. The very talented Charlotte did a wonderful job of Sophie’s wedding make up and kept us all giggling throughout the morning! The ladies from Sundew Florist did an incredible job of the flowers for both Sophie and her bridesmaids. And who can forget the star of the show; Sophie’s wedding dress. The dress was a bespoke gown courtesy of KMR bridal. It was absolutely stunning, and so lovely to think that no one else will have the same dress! It really was one of a kind.

Once Sophie was dressed and ready to go, we headed down to the church which was just a short drive away. Leo was waiting patiently along with the rest of their family and friends.

It was really special to watch Sophie walk down the aisle. You could really feel the emotion in the room, and there was such a happy sigh of relief when the happy couple said ‘I do’!

The newlyweds were covered in confetti, and after a few group shots and photos of the happy couple, it was time for home. It felt strange just covering a few hours of a wedding day, but equally so special.

I’m so lucky to have witnessed how lovely a 2020 wedding can still be. After such a mad year, it’s so wonderful to see a couple still be able to tie the knot in front of their loved ones. At the end of the day, your love for each other is still the most important thing 🙂

Lily North Photography | Harrogate wedding photographer