I have actually known Sian since I was about 8 years old, since being at primary school with her sister. Almost 15 years later, I didn’t expect us both to be working together in the wedding industry!

Sian has been running her wedding planning business for just over a year, and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone. She really is one of the loveliest AND most organised people I’ve ever met! PLUS she colour coordinates her jumpers with her mugs. What more could you want from your wedding planner?

The other week Sian and I met at her gorgeous house in Leeds for a photo shoot. I was a very happy photographer indeed when I saw her insanely gorgeous office space. I think if my office looked like that I’d never leave the house again!

Here’s just a little bit more about the lovely Sian Chaplin Events:

What do you like most/ least about working for yourself?

I love the flexibility you get when working for yourself. Being able to create a working day that works perfectly for me is great. One day I’ll have a full day in the office, and the next I’ll be working on a photo shoot or meeting with a potential client. Every day is so different which I love! If I had to give a negative I guess it would be that often you can feel a little lonely. You have to make the effort to see people or even just have a chat on the phone.

What is your main way of marketing?

For me, I work a lot on Instagram and also SEO for my website. I find that the majority of my clients either find me through Google or Instagram so having a strong presence on both is something I spend a lot of time on. I love how Instagram is so visual with so much great content out there and lots of inspiration for couples!

How can photography help you to grow/ improve your business? 

I think having a collection of professional images is great for your business. They can be used in brochures, your website and across social media to create a really professional and approachable look.

I would definitely recommend a small business photo shoot. It’s such a great way to showcase your brand and to allow people to find out about you and your services. It’s also great to get one done if you are a little camera shy! Having my own branding shoot has made me feel so much more confident in front of the camera.