I knew from the first time I met these two that their wedding was going to be wild.

The wedding day was actually the third time I’ve photographed Becky, and I feel like we know each other inside out! She absolutely bossed any portraits we did. She knows my style and together we are the dream team!

One of my favourite moments of this wedding happened during bridal prep. I was taking some photos of Becky outside once she was ready in her dress. She was being really careful where she stood because Kyle was getting ready just next door. All of a sudden we thought ‘sod it’, and we went to get Kyle. Becky stayed on one side of the wall, with her groom on the other. Being able to see them both without them seeing each other was AMAZING!

Kyle was adamant that he wasn’t going to cry when Becky walked down the aisle, but I could tell there was a little tear there. After the hitch, these two went on a little trip in a horse and carriage!

There were so many surprises throughout the day I don’t even know where to start. Horse and carriage. Donut wall. Chocolate fountain. Casino. Rodeo bull. Bouncy castle… the list goes on!

The day was wild from start to finish, and I just love how much was going on for the entire day. There really was not a dull moment. To finish off a brilliant wedding, we were treated to the most amazing sunset over the fields at Thief Hall. 

Massive shout out to my amazing second shooter Janet, who was an absolute pleasure to have along on the day!