Where do I even begin with this wedding!? Oh my goodness me. What a day.

In case you didn’t already know, I absolutely love these guys. I met them for the first time back in the summer for their engagement shoot in Whitby. The rest was history! They are just the most wonderful couple. Sorry I’m gushing but I don’t care. They are just so kind hearted and so much fun to be around. Oh and did I mention they were bloody gorgeous too?!

As I’m sure you guys reading this will agree, 2020 has been a bit shit. Well, it’s been very shit. This was the first year I decided to go full time with my weddings. Great decision that was eh?!

The last wedding I photographed was back in March, so Zoe & Ben’s was my first in over six months. After that much of a gap I was sooooo nervous! I even stayed over in a hotel near the venue the night before so nothing could stop me getting there!

I remember receiving a text from Ben on the morning of the wedding saying ‘WE MADE IT!’. After countless changes to wedding arrangements, guest number being cut (thanks Boris), it was finally the big day and I for one couldn’t wait.

I arrived at Raven Hall on the morning of the wedding and headed over to see Zoe who was getting ready with her beautiful bridesmaids. It was such a lovely and chilled out morning. I was SO happy to be back!

Once hair and make-up was finished, Zoe got into her wedding dress and just looked an absolute vision. We were all getting ready to head across to the ceremony, and it’s safe to say the weather was.. not ideal. It was a howling gale, torrential rain, but honestly none of us cared. After everything that’s happened this year, everyone was just so buzzing that the big day had finally arrived. Nothing else mattered.

Ben was ready and waiting in the ceremony room for his beautiful bride, along with the rest of the wedding party. I have to just say what a truly beautiful venue this is. The views are insane, and Zoe’s mum had decorated the entire ceremony room so that it was a complete surprise to Zoe when she walked down the aisle. Totally covered in fairy lights and candles; it was absolutely magical.

When Zoe walked down the aisle with her brother, Ben was a little emotional and it was such a beautiful moment. There were lots of tears and lots of giggles throughout the ceremony, and the buzz in the room when Zoe & Ben said ‘I do’ was just amazing. I even shed a little happy tear behind my camera!

After a splash of prosecco, the newlyweds were welcomed into the reception, followed by some beautiful speeches, amazing food, a whole load of confetti canons, and a little dance to round off the day.

I think I’ve said this to everyone I’ve spoken to since I photographed this wedding, but I really felt like I had the biggest smile on my face for this entire day. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back photographing weddings again. You guys know I love my job, and it’s weddings like this that just make it all the more special.

This wedding will mean so much to me for so many amazing reasons, and it’s certainly one I will never ever forget. Zoe & Ben you are just incredible. You and your families made me feel so welcome throughout the entire day. I love you guys so much.

Lily North Photography | Harrogate wedding photographer