I met these guys at their house ahead of the big wedding this weekend for some photos in the garden, some cognac and some fun with the dogs! I was met at the door with the biggest hugs, and also got to meet the family for the first time!

It’s safe to say that Harry was… ahem… a little apprehensive about having his photos taken? Nancy informed me that she’d spent the majority of the afternoon tanking him up on the cognac… Well, if that’s what it takes, it certainly did the trick!

I don’t think these two even know how gorgeous they are together. They are SO natural with each other – it really is lovely. I found it especially amusing when Harry decided to come out and say ‘let’s turn this PG into an 18’ half way through portraits. After nearly dying of laughter, Nancy composed herself and proceeded to look utterly horrified. It has to be said, this moment is my favourite from the shoot. If Harry’s inappropriate comments produce some great photos, then it’s a yes from me 😉

So excited for the big wedding at Wharfedale Grange this weekend!