Engagement shoot on the farm..


These beautiful humans get married this weekend and I am SO. BLOODY. EXCITED!

I think every wedding photographer gets a booking once in a while and that they just can’t stop thinking about. That was 10000% the case for Mia & William’s wedding.

I knew when Mia first emailed me back in 2019 that this would be the wedding for me. They’re getting married on the family farm. They’re having a PINK CAMPER VAN. They’re travelling from the church on the back of a TRACTOR. And more pizza (or so I’m told) than you can shake a stick at.

I met these guys for the first time a few weeks back for their engagement shoot on the farm. It was a laugh a minute from beginning to end! I have no doubt that the wedding day will be no different.

The farm is absolutely beautiful. What a dream to have your wedding at your family home where you can have everything exactly as you want it! The drive is absolutely stunning, and you’re surrounded by beautiful countryside in every direction.

We started the shoot with some photos of Mia & William up the main driveway, and we were also joined by the craziest doggo in the world – Ava. She’s an absolute legend! She had us all in stitches because she just would NOT play ball (pun definitely intended). 99% of the photos I took she has her mouth wide open, mid bark, because she was just like ‘what the hell is going on here? Who is this strange woman taking photos of me and my humans?!’

The best moment of my entire career came when I was taking photos of Mia & William sat on the grass, and Ava the dog stood right in front of my lens, and presented a lovely view of her bottom to my camera! It really is the funniest photo, not just of the dog bum of course, but Mia & William’s reactions are just hilarious.

After some photos with Ava, we got some cute photos with the donkey! He’s an absolute sweetheart. I’m sure he’ll be melting some hearts on the wedding day flirting with the guests!

The farm was such a lovely place to do the engagement shoot, and I know we won’t be short of lovely backdrops on the wedding day either.

I am so excited for the wedding this Saturday! I keep checking the weather like a crazy person, but even if it’s raining I know it will still be an amazing day!

Watch this space for lots of wedding photos 🙂