These two crazy kids just make me smile so much!

I knew as soon as I met these two that they’d be so much fun to photograph. Rebecca & Kyle are so unconventional, and just aren’t afraid to get their hands mucky!

I met these two at Studley Royal near Harrogate, and I swear they had me laughing the whole time we were there. We took a wander down to the seven bridges, and after all the dry weather, there was hardly even a river there!

Much as global warming is the absolute devil, the shallow river did mean we could get some pretty cool photos. All three of us kicked off our shoes and went for a paddle! I think Rebecca’s face when trying to cross the river by herself was an absolute treat.

At one point, these two decided to climb up to the top of, quite frankly, a bloody massive hill to get some cool photographs. The fact that this was their idea just shows you how outgoing these two are!

I’m SO excited to photograph their wedding this weekend at Thief Hall in Northallerton. Bring it on!