Coins, cake and one chilled out couple!


This was my first wedding of 2021!

It’s crazy to think these guys got married back in APRIL. Useless old me has only just got round to blogging about it!

On what was their 10 year anniversary, Leonie & Matt celebrated with a simple but beautiful wedding in Harrogate. Restrictions at the time meant they could only have 6 people in the ceremony, but they still managed to make it such a fun wedding!

I can safely say that these guys are the most chilled out couple I’ve ever photographed. They arrived at the ceremony together.. Leonie changed into her trainers after the wedding.. They cut their cake on the grass outside on the Stray! Just absolute legends. It made the wedding infinitely more enjoyable for everyone because they were so chilled out!

Usually at a wedding I love the reception, the dancing, the mingling because there’s so much going on. But for Leonie & Matt’s wedding, the ceremony was just so fun! Leonie practically ran down the aisle with the biggest smile on her face. That was shortly followed by her bursting into tears during the vows.. not because she was emotional, but because she found it so funny! I was giggling away behind my camera at the back of the room. It was just hilarious.

Once they were announced as husband and wife, what better way to start your marriage than by saying “It’s nice to get married.. even just so you have a spare ring!”. (Genuine quote. Loved it).

Some of their closest friends met them outside the ceremony which was so lovely. I know it meant a lot to Matt & Leonie. They cut their wedding cake in amongst the daffodils which was ace. We got some lovely photos on the Harrogate stray afterwards as well despite it being really chilly!

One of my absolute favourite parts of the wedding was when Leonie’s brothers surprised her with a very special gift..

Leonie is an avid coin collector, and has collected coins for years from all over the world. Her brothers had MADE her a coin press especially for the wedding! It not only pressed the pennies, but also stamped in their names and wedding date! It was absolutely incredible the effort they had gone to. It’s safe to say Leonie was a little emotional when she saw what they’d done! A little emotional might be an understatement.. but it was still really lovely to capture.

It’s just amazing that despite all the changes that had to be made to their original wedding, Leonie & Matt still managed to make it an incrddible day. I cannot tell you how much we laughed! It was so much fun and I’m so grateful to have been part of it 🙂

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