When I came round to meeting Kirsty and Dom, it was one of those moments when you look back at yourself and just think ‘I love my job’.

Kirsty and Dom first came to my attention in the most unlikely of scenarios. One day in April, I was having a meeting with another client near Harrogate. When I got home, I was met with the loveliest of emails…

“Hi Lily. We were sitting next to you in the cafe today and I couldn’t help but be blown away by some of the photos I saw on your laptop. We just wanted to ask if you’re free to be our wedding photographer.”

It’s safe to say this put the biggest smile on my face!

I met Kirsty and Dom at Bolton Abbey for their engagement shoot. It really was the most beautiful, sunny morning. As soon as we’d met (properly!), it really felt like I’d known them for years. All 3 of us got on SO well from the second they walked in, and I must say I just absolutely adore these two. They make a photographer’s job very easy indeed.

We had a wander around the Abbey, down to the beach and to the stepping stones. These two legends even brought their wellies with them and jumped in the river. What more could a photographer want!? Dom came to the rescue when a poor child dropped their ice cream in the river whilst on the stepping stones. Ice cream and stepping stones? Probably not the best combination.

A ginger beer and a raspberry lemonade later, we headed our separate ways. As soon as I started driving back to Harrogate, I honestly just sat there with the biggest smile on my face. Granted, I must have looked like a total gimp, but who cares. I absolutely cannot wait to photograph their wedding this weekend!